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"Trailer Trash Christmas Carol" by Eric Knapp, directed by Rich Frolick- Dixie cast as Sissy

December 2016

Writer/director Kalidascope Christmas theatrical performance Classical Conversations Desoto Texas.

December 2015

Writer/director, "Pilgrims Progress" theatrical performance, Duncanville Classical Conversations.
Deanne Lemley to design Program cover.
Jason Douglas
cast as "Narrator"

October/November 2015

Wrote stage play for children, adaptation with Jim Pappas from the John Bunyon classic "Pilgrims Progress". Casting and rehearsal.

April 2015

Deadline: With Tamron Hall NBC Universal
Cast as lead, Kim Williams in the true story of "The Texas Kaufman County Murders"

December 2014

Director Children's Christmas talent show "Pearls In Winter" Duncanville Classical Conversations

July 2014

Host and Producer for "Sundays with Pharmacist Ben" Join us Sunday Night 7pm CDT Call In:
Call in: 605-562-3140
Participant access code: 444973#
Playback number 605-562-3149 same access code

March 2014

Executive Marketing Director YOUNGEVITY Health

May 2013

"Chasing Bonnie and Clyde" documentary interviewed by French Filmmakers Olivier Lambert and Thomas Salva.

April 2013

Extras Coordinator and Assistant to Betty A. Buckley on feature film "HOOVEY". imdb

February 2013

Feature film script reading Bonnie Parker by Jerry Rapp and Dixie Lee > Sedgwick at AMS Pictures.

Feb 2013

Acting Coach, on set with Lily Sedgwick, Element Creative and Serendipitous Films

Feb 2013

Post Completed for Sparrow Director/Producer/Screenwriter/Actress

November 2012

Panelist speaker at University of Texas at Dallas

June 2012 - February 2013

Post production Sparrow
Edit assembly, sound design, score

June/July 2012

Performance artist
Duncanville Library

April/May 2012  

 "Sparrow" in production
 Hand Over Fist Productions  LLC  Screenplay/Producer/Actress

October/November 2011

Production Coordinator
In Production: shooting on location in and around the Dallas Metroplex, independent feature film, "CRY"
New Trick Flicks

August/September 2011

First Assistant Director in Pre-production for the feature film  "CRY"
New Trick Flicks

August 2011

Completed short film screenplay, Sparrow

August 2011

Teaching and directing "Write Into Production" produced by North Richland Hills Cultural Arts Center (SOLD OUT)
The three short stories developed into short films and shot in three days are:
"The Lizard of YOZ"
"Charles Dren Whitley The III First Day of School"
"Into The Future"

May 2011

Assistant Casting Director for Donise Hardy http://www.acastingplace.net/
Carter Eye Care commercial - Client, ad agency and director from LA all present, callbacks.

May 2011

Performance, lecture and Q&A, "Bonnie Parker" historians meeting.
Gibsland Louisiana, May 21st and 22nd
For festival information, call Ken Holmes: 214-747-2362    

April 2011

"The Golden Bowl of Tawakoni, Texas" Producer
Principal shooting complete  http://thedallasreel.tumblr.com/

March 2011

Story Time Theatre - Performance
Duncanville Library

February 2011

Superbowl Captain NFL On Location Cowboys Stadium

January 2011

Producer "The Golden Bowl of Tawakoni, Texas"  a fishy comedy by Clay Luther and David Read
The Dallas Reel

Principal Producer for the Dallas REEL TDP
TDP: To oversee this year's productions and guide TDR through its birthing process.  All the producers are excited about the Dallas Reel project and what it can mean and do for Dallas-area film professionals.

The Principle Producers for 2011 are:
Clay Luther  http://www.newtrickflicks.com/
Dixie Sedgwick http://www.dixieleesedgwick.com/
Niko Red Star http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3071614/

The Associate Producers for 2011 are:
Sharon Garrison http://www.sharongarrison.com/
Carolyn Hodge http://www.linkedin.com/pub/carolyn-hodge/7/47a/943

November 2010

SMU Film Department, “Sex In The City” lead role, Carrie
Director – Ann Trimble
Paula Goldburg Instructor

September 2010

Chillcast with Rafiq Episode 002 Dixie Sedgwick.

Starred as guest on new local show titled, "Chill Cast" produced by and starring Rafiiq and Dixie.
Directed and edited by Clay Luther at New Trick Flicks

September 2010

Book release Wanted Woman
An American Obsession in the Reign of J. Edgar Hoover by Mary Elizabeth Strunk.
Dixie Lee Sedgwick interviewed and quoted in this book for research on this very important contribution to Hoovers obsession with the female outlaw.

September 2010

President, Duncanville Project Graduation 2010/2011

Duncanville High School is the second largest High School campus in the United States.  With six hundred and sixty graduating seniors in 2010 it is a huge undertaking to coordinate this year end SAFE celebration for the HS Seniors.   But very much worth the effort.

2010 Celebration Pictures
Donate or Sponsor - it's tax deductable!

July 2010

Teaching workshop Write Into Production July 12-16, 2010
Contact:  Lori Newman
Cultural Arts/Special Events Coordinator
166720 NE Loop 820, North Richland Hills, TX 76180
817-427-6600 or 817.427.6614 phone

June 2010

Teaching classes You CAN Act June 8 through July 1, 2010  
Contact:  Lori Newman
Cultural Arts/Special Events Coordinator
166720 NE Loop 820, North Richland Hills, TX 76180
817-427-6600 or 817.427.6614 phone

May 2010

"Bonnie Parker" Live Performance
Performed last scene of my play which includes Bonnie Parker's poem, "End Of The Line, The Story Of Bonnie and Clyde" Gibsland, Louisiana

May  2010

Performance, lecture, and Q&A at: The Bonnie and Clyde Festival
Gibsland Louisiana
May 21st and 22nd  
For festival information, call Ken Holmes: 214-747-2362

April 2010

Script Consultation with Rex McGee
Working with WGA screenwriter and instructor Rex McGee on my feature film script, "Bonnie and Clyde - End of The Line”  

April 2010

Working with artist Deanne Lemley on logo, concept and design for film package.

November 2009

Speaker, November 19th, 2009 at Booker T Washington Magnet Arts High School, Dallas, TX.

August 2009

Elected President Project Graduation, 2009/2010

May 2009 

Interviewed for book, "Ten Most Wanted: The Feds, Filmmakers, and Women Lawbreakers Who Invented the Woman Outlaw." (2009) by Mary Elizabeth Strunk

May 2009

Waco ISD’s Fine Arts Department and Library Services will bring the award-winning, critically acclaimed, one woman play, “Bonnie Parker” to the Texas Playhouse Theater May 15 for a 7:30 performance.

Press Release

Texas Playhouse Theatre
201 Jack Kultgen Expressway
Waco, TX 76704  
Contact: Troy Tinney 254-755-9545 or Steve Neal   254-755-9544

April 2009

In Rehearsal, Dixie's Off Broadway, one woman play, "Bonnie Parker" Texas Playhouse, Waco, May 15th. This is a fundraiser performance for the ISD Fine Arts Department and Waco Libraries.

March/April 2009

Working with LA script consultant and writer of "Diamond Dogs", Al Watt, The Writers Lab on feature film script "Bonnie and Clyde - End of The Line  http://www.alanwatt.com/

August 2008

Elected President Project Graduation, 2008/2009 

May 2008

Interviewed for Documentary “We Rob Banks”.
Produced by Ten Cent Adventures
Directed by Niki Harmen.

May 2008

Poetry reading as Bonnie Parker at the Bonnie and Clyde Festival Historians Meeting and Dinner.  
May 23rd and 24th, Gibsland Loisianna  
The Bonnie and Clyde Festival 

April/May 2008  

“The First Step” Reality TV show about health and nutrition.  I partnered with my son Levi for this show. 
 Brush Fire Films. Producer, Jami Mari Clayman.

Feb 2008

Gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!

September/October 2007

Feature film, “The Name of God”  2nd 2nd AD - Special Effects Make-up
Director Jon Racinskas Exposition Picture Company

October 2007

AnE Vibe The Pulse of Entertainment
by Deborah Buckner  

“This is a haunting film, stripping away the glamour and cocky confidence of the duo as portrayed by Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway in Arthur Penn's classic Bonnie and Clyde.”

September  2007

Review Cinema-Crazed

"The details to keeping the set pieces true to the era seem almost painstaking and it shows through the tiniest detail. Dixie Lee Sedgewick and Dominic Comperatore are a worthy team to portray the couple, as they provide a healthy conflict and volatile chemistry needed to convince audiences, and the two really sell “End of the Line” as a strong drama  ..."

June – July 2007

Theatre Director and Department Head at Romaca, Hinsdale, Massachusetts.  Revised, rewrote, cast and directed four out of the five plays.  Productions include:

  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  • Jinters Jutebox (original production)
  • Little Sure Shot Permission by the Texas Radio Theatre Company
  • Annie
  • Moulin Rouge

July 2007

Short Film Review

"The final product is very impressive. These filmmakers clearly know what they’re doing, and have definitely done their homework when it comes to the story they are trying to tell. It’s a great indication of things to come."

June 2007

Short film, Bonnie and Clyde – End of the Line, accepted into the 10th Annual Dances With Films Festival
running July 6th through 12th, 2007, at the Laemmle Sunset 5 in Los Angeles, CA. 

Screening time Sunday July 8th,  2:45pm

May 2007       

Lecture, screening, and Q&A at: The Bonnie and Clyde Festival
Gibsland Louisiana, May 25th and 26th 2007.  

For festival information, call 318-843-1934.

April 2007

Interviewed by Petrea Burchard for NowCasting:
Part I: Building your team, script blueprint for budget, process of developing a play into a film and becoming a  producer
Part II: Working with investors, dealing with problems on and off the set, advise for actors desiring to write and produce.

Focuses on my process in creating Bonnie and Clyde - End of the Line, precursor to feature film currently in development.

April 2007

US Catholic/Episcopal     Principal
Sexual abuse victim in the church, interview style. Fusion Productions.

March 2007

Begin working on feature length script.

January/February 2007

Research and background work for screenplay, currently titled Bonnie and Clyde – End of the Line (same as short film title).

Design and create the website.

December 2006

Produced, starred and wrote short film Bonnie and Clyde – End of the Line.  Post Completed.
Create DVD cover and poster/postcard.

November 2006


October 2006

Arrive in LA. Team formed and continued with pre-production. Shoot on Super 16MM at Blue Cloud Movie Ranch in Santa Clarita.

August - September 2006

Consulting with Kevin King, LA Producer. Pre-production begins. Formed LLC,  raised money.

June - July 2006

Rewrites of screenplay. Consulting with director, Elaine Zicree in Los Angeles.

May 2006

First draft of screenplay “Bonnie and Clyde End of the Line” completed. 

May 2006

Catalyst, lead
"A woman risks her safety by confronting her abusive neighbor"

April 2006

Crushed, supporting 
"All characters are sliced and diced to perfection"
Hold It Now Films

February 2006

Elta Cream, principal. AMS Productions

December 2005

History Channel, interviewed
special about Depression Era outlaws. Jupiter Enterntainment.

October - December 2005

Nebula Factor, host
interview musical prodigies. Hook Productions.

October 2005

Deep Ellum Film Festival, principal
commercial aired on all CommCast channels

September 2005

Pilgrim's Pride, principal
National commercial.  Dieste Harmel and Partners

April-May 2005

Bonnie Parker, star, co-producer and playwright
Touring one woman show about the life, times, love and death of America's most famous outlaw lovers Bonnie and Clyde, the myth ends.  Off Broadway, John Houseman Theatre Center, 42nd St.

February 2005

Man, Moment, Machine: Hunting Bonnie & Clyde, lead
special for History Channel. Shot in and around Santa Rosa, CA.

2000 - 2005

Bonnie Parker, star and playwright
Touring one woman show about the life, times, love and death of America's most famous outlaw lovers Bonnie and Clyde, the myth ends.

February-March 2004

Loretta's Last Letter, lead
An abused woman takes drastic measures to communicate and end her suffering.


Film Reviews

Cinima Crazed 

“Zicree and Sedgewick think beyond the crimes and antics and attempt to delve into the psyche of the duo, portraying the demons that haunt them, and how they can see nothing but crime and inevitable death awaiting them.”

Micro Filmmaker

“Not only is it a great glimpse into the psychology of the famous outlaw, but it’s a testament to the preparedness of the filmmakers in making this movie.” 

AnE Vibe The Pulse of Entertainment

“A screening of the short film Bonnie and Clyde:  End of the Line was a highlight of the Red Crown Symposium.” 

Acting reviews dixie

“Ms. Sedgwick shows promise and looks great”
        NY Times, Theatre critic, Anita Gates

“Powerful, poignant, Bonnie…Auspicious…Detailed and humanized portrait… poetry used as story advancing device.”
        Star Telegram Theatre Critic, Perry Stewart
        (3 ½ stars)

“Given Ms. Sedgwick’s riveting stage presence we don’t care whom she’s talking to as long as she keeps talking. Revealing and disarming, steals hearts.”
        Dallas Morning News Critic Tom Sime

“Winner, Best of Dallas Award for acting and directing.”
       The Observer, Theatre Critic Jimmy Fowler 

“Sedgwick holds every color at her command.”
        CHICAGO Conductor, Jeff Savor

“Brilliant performer”
         NYC Publicist, Judy Jacksina


May 2013

"Chasing Bonnie and Clyde" documentary interviewed by French Filmmakers Olivier Lambert and Thomas Salva.

May 2008

Interviewed for Documentary “We Rob Banks”.
Produced by Ten Cent Adventures
Directed by Niki Harmen.

October 2007  

Interview with Deborah Buckner
AnE Vibe The Pulse of Entertainment

March/April 2007

Interviewed by Petrea Burchard at NowCasting:
Part I of the interview
Part II of the interview.

December 2005  

Jupiter Entertainment. Interview, myself
History Channel

May 2002   

New Jersey News Channel 21. Live interview, myself

April 2000  

Live Q&A, myself and John Neal Phillips
N.P.R. National Public Radio with Glen Mitchell

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