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acting classYou CAN Act

6-16 yrs
Jan 11-Feb 15
Tue 6:30 p.m.-8:00 p.m.
6 classes $95

In this fun, fast paced class students are engaged from beginning to end. Student will learn the basics of camera acting beginning with the audition to the final production piece. All students will learn about scene study, character development, teamwork, while learning basic acting skills for film and television. Confidence, concentration, imagination, public speaking, articulation and teamwork are just a few skills learned in this interactive, super fun class. Students will receive copy on CD/DVD format and the class culminates in video presentation.

Supply fee to instructor: $10. Instructor

Improv for Adults

April 5, Tuesday
7:30 to 8:30
Cost $15.00

Learn to be more effective in every aspect in your life, through improve! 

Learning the valuable tools of improvisation can help you in a variety of ways:  Overcome your fears of public speaking, learn to listen with out premeditation,  tunes you into body language of others and improves your connection through mirroring and matching, builds confidence by reducing your self-consciousness, learn to use the space around you and work with what you have now.  It’s not about who you are, it IS about what you DO!  Come for a memorable night of fun, laughs and new found skills.

No experience necessary.

Improv for Kids

April 5, Tuesday
Cost $15.00

Improv helps to improve public speaking, imagination, character development, quick thinking, brain building, leadership skills, presence and sparks the spirit of creativity. All this and more can be learned through improv!  We learn to follow, then learn to lead.  There is fun to be had while discovering how to be an effective communicator in this skills for life class.  

No experience necessary.

Showbiz 101

February 22, Tuesday
6:30 – 7:30pm
Cost $15.00

The business of showbiz.  It’s not what you think!  If you or your child are interested show business: acting /modeling, please come for an informative night.  This class covers the things you must know to get started and what the true costs should be when beginning.  We will discuss how to identify scams.  Who are reputable agents.  What to look for in an agent. How to maneuver your child through the showbiz maze.  What are the steps to take and where do you begin. What happens at auditions and protocol with casting directors.  These are just few topics to be discussed this evening.

write into productionWrite into Production 

n this exciting, fast paced, one week workshop, students will learn the many facets of film production from conception to completion.  Students will produce their own original works.  They will create, write and act, build characters, draw a story board, cast and produce their own production.  This hands-on, fun, multi faceted class is very engaging.  Students will receive copy on cd/dvd format.  Culminates in presentation of original student works.    


Write Into Production Quotes

This is the highest rated program we’ve ever had!
Lori Newman Coordinator
NRH Cultural Arts Center

Student Quotes

This class is a lot of fun and a lot of work, kinda like school but in the end it’s worth it.

Write into Production has helped to make me a better actress, a better writer and a better producer.

In Write Into Production I learned how to write and then produce what I wrote, pretty cool.

I learned about rehearsal, over and over and over… 

I was so excited the night before class started I couldn’t sleep at all. I learned not to look in the eye of the camera, super important, and to stay focused and be prepared every day.  It’s not glamorous like people think, it’s really is a lot of work but it’s fun work.

This is a fun class but a lot of work, I loved every minute.
Tyler K.

I learned about acting and writing.

I liked the acting the best.

Parent Quotes

She was excited to be here every day and was planning and rehearsing at night. She was completely engaged in the whole process.  What other classes are you teaching?
Mrs. McGahey

Tyler just loved this class and hasn’t stopped talking about it.
Mrs. Barns

My son wants to be a actor/director, this class helped him to understand how it all works.
Mrs. Brown

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