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"You will never possess what you are unwilling to pursue" M. Murdok

"Ms. Sedgwick shows promise..., and looks great."
New York Times Theatre Critic
Anita Gates

"The strongest insights into the true character of Parker are from recitations of actual poetry which reveal both intelligence and wit and some clear eyed intensity."
Jena Fox

"One woman show about the outlaw, poetess, manqué"
The Voice

"Powerful, poignant, auspicious, detailed. 3½ stars"
Perry Stewart
Star Telegram Theatre Critic

"Best Actress, Dallas-Ft. Worth"
Jimmy Fowler
Dallas Observer, Theatre Critic

This award-winning drama about the better half of Bonnie and Clyde won Best of Dallas-Fort Worth Awards for playwright-actress Dixie Sedgwick and producer-director Joseph Black. It has appeared in 16 cities and many return engagements.

"Bonnie Parker" is a historically accurate and intimate study of the love-struck young actress, "A" student and accomplished speaker. The tiny poet was a favorite of prominent Dallas officials and attorneys prior to the Depression and her membership in the notorious Barrow Gang.

The facts are much more interesting than the fiction.

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