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The one-woman play Inside Bonnie Parker, written by actress Dixie Lee Sedgwick, toured North Texas, then ran Off-Broadway in the spring of 2005. Based on years of research, including interviews with renowned historians and members of the Barrow and Parker families, the Dallas production garnered critical acclaim and numerous awards. As a result of the successful theatrical production, Dixie developed a screenplay.

Now, Bonnie & Clyde - End of the Line,  the true story of Bonnie and Clyde, is a new film based on their lives.  

The real Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow are compelling and profound individuals who came from rural poverty in the tumultuous days of the Great Depression when life was perceived as cheap and authority sometimes corrupt and uncaring.

Through the course of our drama instead of these dark forces driving them against each other, unite them in a  last stand to free others from the same fate which drew Clyde down into an existence he could no longer tolerate.

Clyde and Bonnie take drastic measures to settle a score, knowing in the end, it would cost them their lives. The actual account is radically more complex and there-in lies the revelation.

Injured and tormented by ghosts of the past, they hide from the law and confront their fears, resolving to fight the forces that untimely bring about their deaths...and catapult them into legendary status.  

Bonnie Parkers poem 'End of the Line' is used predominantly in this piece.  

This short film is a precursor to the feature currently in development.