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Elaine Zicree (Director)
Beginning her career as an Off-Broadway director and playwright, Elaine Zicree has spent the last two decades writing for numerous television networks and studios, including a pilot for Showtime and a second in association with Tom Fontana (Homicide, Oz), on which she also served as Executive Producer, filming a pilot presentation with a cast and crew of 85. 

While continuing as a popular director and acting couch, her recent work for PBS (starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Douglas) garnered her a nomination for the prestigious Humanitas Prize.

Dixie Lee Sedgwick (Actress - Bonnie Parker, Producer, Screenwriter)
Dixie has enjoyed a diverse background in the entertainment industry. As a performer, she’s worked in film, television, commercials, corporate video, theatre, national radio and 50 plus print ads.

Recently, she performed, wrote and co-produced her critically acclaimed, award-winning play, Bonnie Parker, Off-Broadway at the John Houseman Theatre Center. 

Dixie received the “Best Of” award for Acting and Writing from the Observer for her portrayal of Bonnie Parker.

Recent credits include: Razor Room;  Catalyst;  Man, Moment, Machine;  Wild Wheels, With A Vengeance, Loretta’s Last Letter, A Current Affair, Case Closed,  and Folktales. Theatre productions include: Little Women, The Children’s Hour, Our Town, and Crimes of The Heart.

Dixie is a commissioned screenwriter and member of the Dramatist Guild of America in New York City.  She created and teaches a program for kids and teens: “Write, Camera, Action,” in the DISD school district as a resident artist.

Dominic Comperatore (Actor – Clyde Barrow)
Dominic began his acting career in New York City, performing with an array of Off- and Off-Off-Broadway theaters, eventually landing a role in the Tony Award-winning production of A View from the Bridge on Broadway.

Thereafter, he began pursuing television and film work in Los Angeles, where he appeared in a number of independent films including Heads and Tails, which received the Audience Award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, and “Best Comedy” at the Newport Beach International Film Festival.

Dominic has been twice nominated for Best Actor: at the Method Fest for Room 32, and at the Houston International Film Festival for Everything for a Reason.  

On television, he has made guest appearances on a number of top-rated television shows including 24, The Shield, Alias, Boston Legal, CSI: Miami, E/R and HBO’s The Entourage.

He continues to pursue an active life in the theater, having worked in Los Angeles with some of Britain’s top directors including Sir Peter Hall, Steven Berkoff, Jonathan Lynn and Tony Tanner.

Dominic creates a powerful performance, opposite George Clooney and Tobey Maguire, in director Steven Soderbergh’s WWII drama The Good German.

Kevin King (Producer)  
Kevin has worked as a writer and/or producer for the Fox Television Network and the Samuel Goldwyn Company.

As a screenwriter, he’s written and developed screenplays and stories for Paramount Television, MGM Television, Francis Ford Coppola’s American Zoetrope and Oliver Stone’s Ixtapa Films, among others.

Formerly employed in program coordination for the CBS Network at Television City in Hollywood, Kevin moved on to work for award-winning PBS flagship WGBH.  

He has recently developed stories for two supernatural thrillers for the Lifetime Network, and looks forward to re-teaming with director Elaine Zicree on an upcoming feature film.

Cinematographer Massimiliano Trevis is a new arrival to the United States, but not the film industry.  Born in Palermo, Sicily, where his father was an actor and owner of a TV network, he took a particular interest in the camera and its equipment. The film set was his playground and the camera equipment his toys. By the age of 13, Massimiliano had his first job as a camera operator.

At age 24, he moved to Rome to further his career and, within two years, started working as a cinematographer. Over the years, Massimiliano has drawn inspiration from such legendary cinematographers as Vittorio Storaro, Robert Richardson, Giuseppe Rotunno and Tonini Delli Colli.

With his keen ability to interpret the Director's visions through light, Massimiliano lights not just the set and actors, but creates "moods" that follow the storylines. Known for his three-dimensional style of lighting, Massimiliano's method of starting with the background and moving to the foreground with the lighting creates the illusion for the viewer of watching the scene with their natural eyes.

Massimiliano never approaches his projects using the same style on every film, but understands that each story is different and should have its own unique lighting style to complement and complete the story.

In December 2005, Massimiliano moved to Los Angeles, California, with his family, to further his career.

Chris Cronin   (Editor
Chris has dozens of credits as editor, producer, executive producer and production manager for a variety of television episodes, feature films, commercials, music videos and podcasts. Currently, he’s at work as a post supervisor, helping to launch a new cable network, and editing the episode “World Enough and Time” for the Internet series Star Trek: New Voyages, starring George Takei as Mr. Sulu.

Alan Derian  (Composer
Alan has scored over 50 feature films including Paramount Pictures’ Tropical Snow, starring Madeleine Stowe; Invasion of Privacy, a USA Network Premiere Movie starring Robby Benson; and Civil War Diary, from New World Television.

Other film credits include: Veritas, Prince of Truth (2006),  Passing Darkness (2005), The Church Feather (2005), Venus on the Half Shell (aka A Little Deception) (2005), Shredder (2003), The Journey (2002), and After Freedom (2002).

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